This course is designed to provide administrators with a self-paced tutorial on the basics of Hours of Service (HOS) management in MyGeotab.

Throughout this program administrators will learn how to set up drivers and vehicles for HOS compliance, and navigate to and use the different features of the MyGeotab HOS platform including:

- HOS logs

- IFTA reports

- Optional add-in features and more

The course platform largely consists of short tutorial videos that are designed to be used along with an active MyGeotab subscription and can be paused at any time or replayed for additional reference.

DISCLAIMER: This course is meant as a tutorial to assist managers in navigating the features of the MyGeotab platform.  It is in no way intended as a substitute for training in HOS laws.  If you have questions about how HOS laws pertain to your specific company or situation, please reach out to your local DOT field office.  By signing up for this course you acknowledge that Fleet Nav Systems LLC will not be held liable for any HOS violations directly or indirectly caused by your interpretation of the video tutorials.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Intro to HOS Management for Admins

    • Setting Up Drivers for HOS Compliance

    • Setting Company-Wide Limits for Personal Conveyance (Required)

    • Setting Up Compliant Vehicles

    • Compliance Validator

  • 2

    Duty Status Logs

    • Retrieving and Reading Status Logs

    • Editing Individual Logs

    • Exemption Logs (YM and PC)

    • Mass Editing and Assigning Unassigned Logs to Another Driver

    • Printing Compliance Reports

    • Transferring Logs to the DOT

    • Logs Recap

  • 3

    Violations, Availability, and IFTA Reporting

    • Violations

    • Availability

    • IFTA Reports

  • 4

    Advanced Features for Troubleshooting

    • Intermediate and System Logs

    • HOS Log Details

    • Comparing Logs with Other System Info

About the instructor

Chief Engineer

Joy B

Joy is the primary instructor at Fleet Nav Systems, whose jobs include maintaining courses, creating content, troubleshooting, and answering questions that students have.  In her spare time, you might find Joy practicing Portuguese, reading, or experimenting with various squash recipes.

What others have been saying about this course:

5 star rating

HOS Management for Administrators

Gary McCarthy

I thought the course was great and it helped me learn more about the system and what actions I can do as an administrator.

I thought the course was great and it helped me learn more about the system and what actions I can do as an administrator.

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5 star rating

Hos management for administrators

ronald adams

It was good ,interesting and informative.

It was good ,interesting and informative.

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5 star rating


dexter stafford

5 star rating


Kenneth Bilby Jr

very informative

very informative

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5 star rating


Andra Mcclain



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5 star rating


Quinn Simon


4 star rating

It was good.

Allyn Smothers

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